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Registered, Licensed, Insured
Member of PSI (Pet Sitters International), Pet First Aid Certified
Serving the Southwest Communities of
Edmonton, AB
Who's A Good Gir?
What is a Professional Pet Sitter?


Who's A Good Girl?

Hello, my name is Heather. I’m a professional in-home pet sitter and walker.

When it comes time for someone to care for your pet, I'd like to be your Girl.

The Benefits of In-Home Pet Care

More and more, pet owners are using the services of professional pet sitters to take advantage of the benefits in-home pet care provides.

  1. Pets are happier and experience less stress at home in their familiar environment

  2. Diet and exercise routines are uninterrupted

  3. Travel trauma for both owner and pet are eliminated

  4. Pet’s exposure to illness is minimized

What is a Professional Pet Sitter?

While there is absolutely nothing wrong with a family, friend, or hobbyist pet sitter taking care of your pet, there is indeed a difference when it comes to hiring a professional such as Who’s A Good Girl? I am registered, licensed, insured, a member with Pet Sitters International (PSI), and certified in Pet First Aid.

The Benefits
Walks 'N' Wags
Pet First Aid

Heather at Pet First Aid practicing applying a mouth tie restraint. 

What I Will Strive to Do For Your Pet


What I Will Strive to Do For Your Pet


I will provide in-home professional care, companionship, exercise, cognitive engagement, and love for your pet while you are either at work, out for the day or evening, away for the weekend, or gone on a vacation.

In addition to providing your pet with the best care and service within my capability, my parallel goal is to ensure clients are worry free and left with complete peace of mind while they are away and their most precious companions and home are in my care.


Let's be honest, owners can’t always be with their pets or provide their high energy dog with the appropriate amount of exercise at all times. It indeed takes a village! So, go ahead and book that well-deserved vacation. Go out with family or friends and take in Edmonton's bustling restaurant, entertainment, and festival scene. Go to that Oiler game, I suspect we may have a reason to stay past the 50/50 draw this year. I've got your good conscience and back!

Are We a Potential Fit?

My ideal client believes that their pet is equal to themselves and other members of the family.

My ideal client understands that we have made a choice to bring our pets into our home and therefore, we must honor this privilege by providing them with all their basic needs and maintain the commitment to their well-being.

Are We a Potential Fit?
Caesar - Post Cognitive Engagement

Caesar smiling after playing her favorite cognitive engagement game "Spinners!"

My Services


Who's A Good Girl? offers both Check In and Dog Walk packages of different time durations depending on your pet's needs.

Price List
Service Package Description.PNG

For all first time client's, any service must be preceded by a Meet and Greet. The purpose of the Meet and Greet is to see if Who's A Good Girl?, you, and your pet are a good fit! This time is also used to fill out information forms, the Service Contract, and introduce you to the Time to Pet User Portal and App that will in most cases, serve the basis of communication and scheduling for future bookings.

Service Area
Service Area.PNG

Who's A Good Girl?  predominantly serves the Edmonton Southwest communities that reside within the area that is east of Riverbend, south of Whitemud Drive, west of 111th Street, and north of the Anthony Henday. We'd be more than happy to expand our scope, but additional fuel surcharges may apply.



Business Hours

Business, Check In, and Dog Walk hours fall between the hours of 6:00 am and 8:00 pm MST.

Check In and Dog Walk services will be completed within a two-hour window of requested time unless otherwise agreed upon by Who’s A Good Girl? and the Client (e.g. time specific medications).

When requesting bookings through the Time to Pet Client Portal or App, the following time frame descriptions apply:


  1. Early Mornings: 6:00 am – 9:00 am

  2. Mornings: 9:00 am – 12:00 pm

  3. Afternoons: 12:00 pm – 4:00 pm

  4. Evenings: 4:00 pm – 8:00 pm 

Overnights start between 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm MST and end between 6:00 am – 8:00 am MST unless otherwise agreed upon by Who’s A Good Girl and Client. Overnight services include a 30-minute walk in both the pm and am.

Payment Policy

In order to reserve non-routine services, 50% of total cost calculated for first service period is due at the initial Meet and Greet and when the Service Contract is signed. The remaining balance of the total cost calculated for the first service period, and any additional services requested or approved by the Client, or otherwise authorized under the Service Contract, is due on the return date of Client.


In order to reserve routine monthly service period contracts (e.g. weekly dog walks), 50% of total cost calculated for the monthly period is due one the 1st  day of the month services are to be rendered.  The remaining balance of the total cost calculated for the monthly service period, and any additional services requested or approved by the Client, or otherwise authorized under the Service Contract, is due on the 30th day of the respective month services are rendered.


For Future Reservations (non-routine or routine monthly service period contracts), a 50% reservation deposit will always apply to new service periods initiated and agreed to via Form 9 Future Reservation Record or via the Time To Pet Client Portal and App scheduler.


Payment can be made by cash, cheque, E-Transfer and Visa (through Time to Pet).


A $15.00 surcharge will be added to each regular rate(s) for visits occurring on New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day, Family Day, Good Friday, Easter Sunday, Easter Monday, Victoria Day, Canada Day, Heritage Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day.


A finance charge of 13% will be added to unpaid monthly balances after the 30th day of each month.


A handling fee of $50.00 will be charged on all returned checks.

Cancellation and Refund Policy

If the Client requests a Check In or Overnight cancellation:

  1. 8+ days prior to service, a 100% full refund of the reservation booking fee will be issued.

  2. 2-7 days prior to service, 75% of the reservation booking fee will be refunded.

  3. 0 - 48 hours prior to Check In, no refunds will be issued.


If the Client requests a Dog Walk cancellation:

  1. 8+ days prior to service, a 100%  full refund of the reservation booking fee will be issued.

  2. 2-7 days prior to service, the walk may be rescheduled for a later time, or 75% of the reservation booking fee will be refunded.

  3. 0 - 48 hours prior to Dog Walk, rescheduling or a refund is not offered.

Busines Hours
Cancellation and Refund
About Me
My Story and Journey
My Kits


My Story and Journey

Well, it obviously started with an innate, passionate love and respect for all animals. I was the kid who’d “walk” my stuffed animals along the side walk, come running home crying if someone stepped on a bug, and who boldly stated I wanted to become a Veterinarian in my Schoolbook Treasury Album from age kindergarten and on. The love was combined with having owned and cared for a wide spectrum of pets ranging from cats, dogs, birds, hamsters and aquariums throughout my life. It was the realization and reckoning that nothing makes me as happy or brings me as much joy as when I’m in their presence.


As a previous Environmental Professional with a BSc in Environmental Sciences,  I worked for a large industrial corporation for 21 years where health, safety, security and environment were of utmost priority.


It is with this background and mindset that I am leaving the proverbial rat race and entering the domestic pet race on a full-time basis. The well-being of my client’s pets will be my number one purpose while minimizing risks to keep them safe and secure when owners cannot.


I am committed to continuous growth and learning. It is my mission to become a local leader in the communities of Southwest Edmonton while sharing in the knowledge pool with local pet owners, stores, daycares, groomers and veterinarian hospitals.


My Kits


Before I meet and care for your pet, I’d like to tell you about ours. We speak fluent Felinese in this home. We currently have two 7-year-old, non litter mate rescue cats named Rex and Nalla.

Rex and Nalla
In Memorium

Rex, a grey domestic short haired tabby with faint black spots somewhat like a Northern Pike, showed up a big, ol', loving romantic. Very vocal and gregarious, he instantly commands attention and won’t relent until you have fallen in love with him.


Always the king of his Kitty Castle, Rex waits for play time where he can rambunctiously bat, swat, kick, and acrobatically attack any prey (i.e. cat toys) outside his younger sister’s yearnful watch and reach. With Rex at the morning helm, and a reassured belly as his guide, we have retired all morning alarm clocks and now respond to a stinky litter paw to the face as our wake-up call.

Nalla, a domestic medium hair tabby, with a pristine white bib, bloomers, and belly, is ferociously loyal, but scared, shy, and timid with all newcomers. Only a few have had the privilege of seeing and bonding with this wee one. Time, a soft voice, and brush in hand, will have this Lady administering feverish sessions of puddings like none other.


Nalla too loves play time. Relegated to her own zone of fun where toys lurk amongst tissue, crinkly blankets, boxes, and an occasional empty scotch container filled with a catnip infused mouse, Nalla tries her best to coax you over to come play with her. However, if Nalla had her way, she would elect to stay outside all day under her favorite blue spruce and our watchful eye and safety. Recently diagnosed with diabetes, and a recipient of daily insulin, Nalla is slowly figuring out her new, perfect self.

Basically, it’s their house, they just let us live here.


What I do know to be true, once our home found a pet sitter that our cats Rex and Nalla loved, it was a liberating game changer.

In Memory

I cannot launch a pet sitting and walking small business without giving honorable mention to my dearly departed Bongo. Bongo was a grey cockatiel and we were together for 23 years. Bongo saw me through good, bad, and ugly. Big hair, then alternative music, college and university, homes and heartbreak, my Boy was always there whistling his tunes and busting out his dance moves while knocking back our weekly pasta fix together.



Heather's Pack

Since the Spring of 2019, I have been creating Who's A Good Girl?. The following gallery highlights some of the beautiful beasts that have predominantely aided in my training and  journey.

Contact Me
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